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Les aventures de la petite magicienne blanche
By whitemage 2017-06-13 23:24:46
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Les aventures de la petite magicienne blanche (小さな白魔術士の冒険)
/ The Adventures of the Little White Magickian)
is a not-for-profit fan-made
project which will be similar in certain aspects of the original Final Fantasy
game as well as other games. It is currently in very early stages of develop
-ment. The ultimate goal format has not been finalized, The current plan is
to create an unlicensed game that will be able to be played on the
Nintendo Family Computer / Family Computer Disk System /
Nintendo Entertainment System and to provide a *.nes file which can be
played on an NES Emulator program. Other possible plans include a fan
fiction story in the form of a short story or web comic (doujin manga) and
/ or a turn-to-page role-playing game book system (that uses two, six-sided
dice, a pencil and paper). For the time being, I hope that you will enjoy
these drawings, et cetera.

Please be sure to return this page soon for updates and also check out
the links below for additional content located off-site.

Remember to click images on this site to see possible larger, original size.

Please use the
shortened URL:

to link to
this webpage.

The above download link
does not work yet as the
game is still in the very
early concept phase.

By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:08:18
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The Goddess

The White Magickian

and a "Paladin Friend"

Click here later to read the story here.

The calculations of statistics in these adventures are very simple.
Addition and subtraction of elemental properties, along with a few
other statistics/factors are all that are involved.

The Elements
(Made using NES color pallet shown at 400% of normal size)


Helping Others

Rendering aid to other people will be the main focus of the White Magickian's objectives.

Battling Evil

The majority of the foes which the White Magickian will face will consist of the undead and demons.

- Deals a wind-based magickal
attack to an enemy.

In the Blink of an Eye
- Increases Celerity. Allows
the White Magickian to move
like the wind to dodge
enemy attacks.

Dispel Undead - Deals light
damage to undead monsters.

Banish Demons - Casts out
the target demon. It is learn
-ed from the amulet called
Solomon's Seal.

Divine Radiance - Bright flash will destroy
all nearby monsters as well as
provide a glimpse of surround
-ing area if there is darkness
obscuring it.

Laying on of Hands

  1. Also known simply as "Healing Hands".

  2. This is the White Magickian's miraculous
    innate ability that she was blessed by the
    Goddess with since being a small child.


  1. Piety is increased when the special ability Prayer is used.

  2. Prayer effect intensity and duration can be enhanced when certain special items are equipped.


  1. Tenacity is increased when the special ability Faith is used.

  2. Faith effect intensity and duration can be enhanced when certain special items are equipped.

La croix en fu (Burning Cross)

  1. Requires a mythril cross.

  2. Weakens and inflicts damage to Vampyrs.

Stake Impale

  1. Stake Impale is a special ability which inflicts lethal damage to a Vampyr.

  2. A Vampyr must first be sufficiently weakened prior to using Stake Impale.

  3. The Stake Impale ability is intended for use on Vampyrs only.

  4. An impaling stake as well as a hammer must be equipped in order to perform
    Stake Impale.

Ghost Snare

  • This arcane device was made long ago by a mad genius who is said to
    have been both a master engineer of machines and one who dabbled
    in the hidden realm of spirits. The mechanism uses astral chains to
    bind and draw in the negative energies of ghosts -- trapping them

corone (circlet)

garlande (wreath)

chaperon blanche (white hat)

l'almosniere en laine (woolen purse)
A small pouch that allows the white magickian
to carry numerous small items.

le silex (flint)

Used to light candles and start the
burning of incense.
Note: A firesteel is also required to
perform these actions.

l'attaquant de fu (firesteel)

Used to light candles and start the
burning of incense.
Note: A piece of flint is also required
to perform these actions.

la fiole d'euwa biens (phial of blessed water)
Holy water used in various Rituals, including those
to ward or combat the undead and demons.

la corde (rope)

A sturdy rope which allows the white magickian
to climb down from high places. It could have
other uses as well.

le cierge (candle)
Provides light to dark areas and wards
certain types of monsters from coming
too close to the white magickian.

l'encens (incense)
Wards fantasms and demons.

le sel (salt)
Can be used to block the path of fantasms or
when standing her ground: salt is sprinkled
around the white magickian in a circle as part
of a Ritual ward.

l'ail (garlic)
Blocks the path of vampyrs.

une coquille d'escargot (snail shell)
Used in Rituals to ward against an enemy's
magickal attack. A snail shell breaks after
each spell it thwarts. The white magickian
is able to carry several snail shells at a time.

l'oile d'enoindre (anointing oil)
Blessed oil used in various Rituals, including
Last Rites and healing rituals.

l'erbe (herb)

la racine (root)

l'escorce (bark)

la seve (sap)

les semences (seeds)

la fueille (leaf)

le petit autel (small altar)

A simple foot stool that the white magickian
uses as an improvised altar to perform magick

l'escriture de la magique
(magickal scroll)

A very old piece of parchment which
the white magickian can learn a
certain Magick spell from.

le gramaire de magique du aer
(grimoire of wind)

A magick tome that teaches the little white magickian
various wind spells. Her ability to learn these spells is
based on which degree of magick that she has reached.

la tablete en pierre de barriere (stone tablet of barrier)
Allows casting the Magick spell "Protection".

l'anel de voil (veil ring)
Allows the use of the Magick spell
"Voil d'euwa" ("Veil of Water").

Le seel de Salomon (Seal of Solomon)
Banishes demons.

le pendaunt (pendant)
Allows casting a certain Magick spell.

une plume de la cue du fenix
(Phoenix's tailfeather)

At certain times during the little
white magickian's adventures,
the sky will light up with fiery
glow upon the approach of the
legendary bird named Phoenix.
A loud screech will be her as the
great bird flies overhead and one
of its flaming tail feathers will
drift down to the ground. If the
little white magickian can retrieve
this powerful item in time, it will
grant her the ability to come back
to life if defeated in battle.

la mousseron sacrer (sacred mushroom)
Allows the white magickian to speak directly
with the Goddess Herself.

le liquide d'une dragonfly
(Dragonfly's secretion drops)

There is an old legend that states
if a person is very still a Dragonfly
will draw near to the person. If the
Dragonfly finds that the person is in
complete harmony with nature, if it
wills it, the Dragonfly may land on
the person and secrete a liquid --
dropping it into the harmonious
person's eye and thus granting
them a fabulous vision.

la beche

Type: excavation tool

Usage: When it is too late to raise the dead,
they must be buried in the ground with this.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: blunt

Statistics: endurance+
le gros maillet en bois
(large wooden mallet)

Type: great hammer

Usage: Uses include driving large tent stakes
into the ground.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: blunt

Statistics: tenacity+; celerity-
la croche de bergier
(shepherd's crook)

Type: staff

Usage: Used in the herding and protection of sheep flocks.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: blunt

Statistics: tenacity+; piety+

la torche

Type: light source/ignition tool
Usage: Used to illuminate a dark area or to set a fire.
Can provide light for about an hour.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: fire

Statistics: tenacity+
le fléau à battre le grain
(peasant's flail)

Type: agricultural threshing tool/polearm

Usage: Used to separate/unsheathe grain from their husks.
Can be used as weapon.

Damage: blunt

Statistics: tenacity+; stamina+
le martel rouille
(rusted hammer)

Type: hammer

Usage: Used in blacksmithing to shape metal crafts.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: blunt

Statistics: tenacity+; celerity-

la serpe

Type: harvesting / cutting tool
Usage: Used in harvesting and rituals to cut herbs,
other plants, rope, candles, etc.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: slicing; piercing

Statistics: celerity+

(head detail shown)

la furche

Type: agricultural heaving tool/polearm
Usage: Used to pick up and heave hay, dung and other loose matter.
Can be used as a weapon.

Damage: piercing

Statistics: tenacity+ misery+

(paper knife)

Type: utensil/dagger

Usage: Used to unseal scrolls and open letters.
Can be used as a Weapon.

Damage: piercing

Statistics: finesse+; celerity+

le cloche

Type: deterrent

Usage: Its ringing frightens fantasms away for a short time.

Damage: none

Statistics: piety+

(arming sword)

Type: sword

Damage: slashing; piercing; blunt*

Statistics: tenacity+; finesse+; stamina+; celerity+

Note: Blunt damage requires swordsmanship training (half-swording skill).

(head detail shown)
le martel d'armes de cavalier
(chocoboman's hammer)

Type: warhammer

Damage: blunt; piercing

Statistics: tenacity+; celerity+

Special: armour-breaker

(morning star)

Type: spiked club

Damage: blunt; piercing

Statistics: tenacity+; misery+

Special: armour-breaker

(head detail shown)

le bec de colibri
(colibri's beak)

Type: warhammer

Damage: piercing; blunt

Statistics: tenacity+; finesse+; allure+

Special: armour-breaker

le martel de plom

Type: great hammer

Damage: blunt

Statistics: tenacity+

Special: armour-breaker

(dagger fight hammer)

Type: warhammer

Damage: piercing; blunt

Statistics: tenacity+; finesse+; misery+

Special: armour-breaker

la croix en fu
(the burning cross)

Type: special weapon

Usage: This mythril cross is set ablaze in blue-white
spirit flame upon the approach of a vampyr or demon.
Can serve a ward against them or as a weapon.

Damage: special; paralysis

Statistics: tenacity+; piety+

Special: vampyr-slayer; demon-slayer

la trape por les fantosmes
(fantasm snare)

Type: special weapon

Usage: This device removes fantasms from small area.

Damage: special

Statistics: discernment+

Special: fantasm-slayer

(impaling stakes)

Type: anti-vampyr wooden stakes

Usage: Used with a mallet to deal final blow to a vampyr.
Can also be used to pitch a tent.

Damage: piercing

Statistics: endurance+; piety+

Special: vampyr-slayer

le martel de mythril
(mythril hammer)

Type: hammer

Damage: blunt

Statistics: Tenacity+; finesse+; piety+

Special: armour-breaker; undead-slayer

Notes: Vampyr slaying is possible when used in
combination with Impaling Stakes.

la batte de garison
(pestle of healing)

Type: magickal staff

Damage: healing

Statistics: piety+

Special: Restore

slaitín draíochta cuileann
(holly magick wand)

Type: magick wand

Damage: magickal

Statistics: tenacity+; discernment+; piety+

Special: Dispel Undead

le croisier du grant prestre
(high priest's crosier)

Type: staff

Damage: blunt

Statistics: piety+

Special: revive

Le martel croix
(The Cross Hammer)

Type: hybrid weapon

Damage: blunt; piercing; slashing

Statistics: tenacity+; finesse+; piety+

Special: armour-breaker; undead-slayer; vampyr-slayer

Claidheamh Soluis
(Sword of Light)

Type: magickal sword

Damage: special

Statistics: tenacity+; finesse+; allure+; celerity+

Special: Holy

Inventory Gallery

Please click to zoom-in.

L'espee (Arming Sword)

Le martel de l'ouvrier (Workman's Hammer)

Le gros maillet en bois (Large Wooden Mallet)

Le martels de armes


Le martel de plom (Plommée)

Le martel croix (Cross Hammer)

L'ovrir-letre (Paper Knife)

L'espee qui estoit quassé.
("The Sword that was Broken")

Les bastons magiques (Magickal Wands)

By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:08:27
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By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:08:35
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The Lady's Prayer

Our Mother, who art in the earth,
sacrosanct be thy Name,
thy queen-ark come,
thy will be done,
on the surface as it is in the depths.

Give us this night our nightly water.
And appreciate us our good intentions,
as we appreciate those
who bid welcome to us.

And guide us away from that which impedes us,
and deliver us to what is good.

For thine is the queen-ark,
and the intuition, and the nurturing,
for ever and ever.
In the name of the [Holy/Goddess] Mother, the [Holy/Goddess] Daughter and the Holy Blood.

By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:09:33
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Concepts for a White Magickian-themed Tarot[-like] card game

Major Plates

Le jangleor (The Juggler)
Le magiciennne blanche (The White Magickian)
La grande prestresse (The High Priestess)
La medre (The Mother)
Le pape (The Father)
Le hierophante (The Hierophant)
Les amouotheux (The Lovers)
La bourriche aérien (The Flying Basket)
(The Hermit)
(Spiral of Trials)
(Divine Justice)
(The Burned Witch)
(The Arisen) [Por vivre a nuvel. (To Live Again.)]
(The Necromancer)
(The Catacombs)
(The Luminaries)
(The Black Sun)
(Divine Radiance)
(The Underworld)

Minor Plates

Each suit will contain numbered cards from I through XII; as well as the following cards:
a Nurse, Shieldmaiden, a Cleric and a Priestess.

Les crosses (Crooks) - Aer (Wind)

Les martels (Hammers) - Fu (Fire)

Les roses (Roses) - Terre (Earth)

Les fioles (Phials) - Euwe (Water)

By whitemage 2017-06-19 01:14:06
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necroskull Necro Bump Detected! [99 days between previous and next post]
By whitemage 2017-09-26 10:26:28
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Adding and sorting doodles.
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By Odin.Drakenv 2017-09-26 15:23:10
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Very cool. Keep up the hard work.
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By Fimbulvintr 2017-10-21 12:13:00
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nice ^^
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By Shiva.Samdamahn 2017-10-21 13:30:42
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L2 curepls
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By Odin.Golmew 2017-10-23 16:42:37
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By whitemage 2017-10-29 17:08:53
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More sundries added.
By whitemage 2017-11-22 10:38:49
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Added new title, etc.
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Integrated recently added doodles into previous post.
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By Odin.Golmew 2018-02-05 11:39:38
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Updates in progress.
By whitemage 2018-03-08 13:49:39
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Added more tools and updated various items.
By whitemage 2018-03-28 15:35:20
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Added more pictures to and adjusted formatting of Inventory Gallery section.
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By Thizzlethetaru 2018-04-13 18:19:39
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Really like the style of the art. Hoping to be able to play the game :D
By whitemage 2018-04-13 22:19:18
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Thizzlethetaru said: »
Really like the style of the art. Hoping to be able to play the game :D

Thank you for your kind words. : )
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By Phoenix.Dabackpack 2018-04-14 02:38:52
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rock on
By whitemage 2018-04-22 13:46:46
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A reserve post above was modified to include miscellaneous [old] doodles and text.
Note: The contents are unsorted and these concepts and ideas may or may not appear in any possible final version of any project[s].

Please return to check for further additions.

By whitemage 2018-04-28 00:57:48
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White Witch's Hat

Re-doodle of Dolchstreithammer

... and some ideas for the game.
By whitemage 2018-04-29 18:24:08
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If Jenny from the 1987 Takara-developed Nintendo Famicom game
Lost Word of Jenny (ロストワード・オブ・ジェニー) was used as a
base for the Little White Magickian character sprites for side-scroll
-ing gameplay mode -- it might appear similar to that which is
shown below:

The above augmented design is shown as a transition at about
800% of true size with 1200 dpi using a color pallet which close
-ly matches the Famicom/NES. ^^; The second picture from the
left reminds me a lot of Kisaragi Honey. Shiro Flash! hehe

By whitemage 2018-05-06 19:46:54
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Depected above: another possible flattery would be to use Popo or Nana from the
Nintendo Famicom / NES game Ice Climber (アイスクライマー) as a base for a
smaller / chibi version of the Little White Magickian character.

By whitemage 2018-05-24 03:03:40
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By whitemage 2018-08-23 10:57:01
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Les aventures de la petite magicienne blanche

Update: More doodles and things... ^^

Perhaps this is what the Little White Magickian sprite will look like.

Table of Map Variants.

Each area will have twelve map variations which will be
loaded at random and/or based upon decisions made in the game.
Each map will possess twelve screens of gameplay.

By whitemage 2018-08-29 16:37:47
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The one hundred and fourty-four item names each written with twelve characters or less in Old French/Norman/Medieval Latin, Japanese and English, etc.