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Marauder/War Sub Abilities
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By Poupee Goo 2013-10-30 10:06:30
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Which sub abilities should I be going for?
Server: Sargatanas
user: Ravant
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By Ravant Lehnsherr 2013-10-30 11:27:34
Link | Quote | Reply - Shows all cross class skills per class/job.

For 50 WAR I used Flash, Provoke, Convalescence, Second Wind and Internal Release. I will swap Internal Release for Awareness once my PLD is high enough. (currently leveling)
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By Voren 2015-09-01 07:48:50
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Necro bump, but I felt needed....somewhat.

Why would you do away with an ability that grants you 15 seconds of 10% more crit rate for an ability that nullifies the chance of suffering critical damage for 15 seconds?

Wouldn't flash be better replaced by awareness? WAR already has overpower, and, though I see the need for awareness on bosses, there's not much of a need to full time it, nor is there a real need for flash on WAR.
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By Odin.Jassik 2015-09-01 09:48:09
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Well, Flash is still pretty handy for when you're pacified or low on TP. Awareness would be nice, but it's not really necessary for anything.
Server: Shiva
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By Shiva.Spathaian 2015-09-01 14:57:23
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While awareness was originally rather useless with fights like Shiva(when it was relevant) it saw some actual use as there was less worry about instant KO moves and more on Crits boosted by weakness stacks. That said, in fights like that, especially now that War has ways to properly restore TP and that fights like these tend to focus on a single target rather than many switching out flash would be the better option, could also switch out Second Wind but since it synergizes do well with Berzerk I find it difficult to argue it.

Also keep in mind that with the inclusion of WAR's new 100% party skill you can mitigate it's downside of Crits from other angles by pairing it with Awareness, which is especially useful when trying to position everything.