Greatsword Of The Behemoth King

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Greatsword of the Behemoth King
Dark Knight's Arm
Lv 60 » DRK
Unique Untradable
Cannot equip if PvP rank is below 50.
Materia effects active during PvP only.
While in PvP areas, item level increases an amount equivalent to current Morale rating.
Item Level 180
Physical Damage 70
Magic Damage 49
Delay 2.96
Strength 84
Vitality 84
Critical Hit Rate 74
Determination 49
Morale 30
Materia Slots 2
PVP Rank 50
Crafting and Repairs
Repair Level Lv50 Blacksmith
Materials Grade 6 Dark Matter (120 Gil)
Sells For 4009 Gil
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