Controller Dual Input Issue

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Controller Dual Input Issue
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By Helba 2023-09-26 04:39:45
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I've been having some troubles playing with ds4 controller, I hope someone here can assist me with this particular issue...
So... it seems almost everytime I press the confirmation button it randomly does a double input, always clicking twice on stuff is making me a little crazy. I've searched on google for a fix for this, searched the XIAH forum as well for info but could not find anything that would help me specifically with this =/
If this particular topic has already been addressed previously on another thread I apologize for creating another topic on this, I'm a little desperate trying to have this fixed so I can play normally.
Things of note:
This double input issue only happens with FFXI, all other games are fine;
I'm not using steam while playing;
I'm not using ds4windows or other similar applications;
Yes, I am using Windower4;

IF someone here uses controller for playing and had had this issue before and fixed it, I would very much like to know how.

Edit: I've posted this on XIAH/Help threads by mistake, please disconsider that topic... as I believe technical support is the right section for this topic.
My apologies for the double posting, not too familiar with this.