Endgame LS Recruiting!

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Endgame LS Recruiting!
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By kodiaq 2022-03-28 23:52:35
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Hello fellow FFXI peoples. Pwnzilla is recruiting!
Some of you may be wondering, "WTF is a Pwnzilla?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Here comes the 5 W's(and an H)!

Pwnzilla is a small-ish LS filled with a tight-knit group of long-time, dedicated players from all over the globe that come together to pwn things and chase delicious loots. We are currently looking for strong (W3-ready) BRDs, Tanks, & Support jobs. This doesn’t mean you’d never get to play DD with us, just that we’re already overflowing with tough, under-utilized DD. As such, we do not typically accept people who ONLY have DD jobs, but there are sometimes exceptions.

We primarily do Dyna[D] W2~W3 farming/clears and Omen bosses/card farming. Aeonics and other event activities are peppered in semi-regularly. There are also some opportunities for sliding into some existing Odyssey groups.

At Jetackuu's mom's house, obviously. But also, Vana’Diel…

Weekly Dynamis[D] runs take place on Saturday & Tuesday, & Omen runs on Sunday. Other misc. events take place on Friday, but not every week.
All event start times are 6:00pm [PST/PDT] / 9:00pm [EST/EDT].

Because people gradually trickle away for RL or take breaks, and we need more homies to roll with. Also, as the game approaches it’s 20-year anniversary, we are anticipating (or at least hoping for) some more challenging end-game content to be added within the year, and we like to be prepared. In the wise words of Shantotto, “Why bow to lady luck when you can beat her? O-hohohohohoho!”

Please send me a DM here, Discord (@kodiaq#7856), or in-game (kodiaq) if you are interested or have any questions.
Come join the Pwnzilla crew!

TL:DR: Our LS does endgame stuff. We need some strong tanks and support players to bolster our ranks. Join us!
Server: Shiva
Game: FFXI
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By Shiva.Kaosresolver 2022-03-29 10:24:04
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Wish SE would combine some of these small servers to have more ppl to meet and enjoy tackling content.
Good luck on recruiting!!!
Yours truly,
Kaosresolver (Shiva)