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Odyssey static looking for member
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By bukk 2022-02-02 11:40:58
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Hello, my ody/rp static is currently looking for a support heavy player. We are a casual static that runs on Sundays and Mondays starting at 8pm EST. We are looking for someone who has a range of jobs, most importantly, geo and bard. Please send me a message or tell in game** if interested.

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By Markimoise 2022-02-03 18:20:38
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PLD WHM MNK decently geared. COR w/ savage blade set.
Claus WHM, GEO, BRD,COR savage blade and leaden
Dych SMN GEO and BRD
Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Abdirazak
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By Bahamut.Zaga 2022-02-15 12:16:01
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Are you still looking Bukk?