Confectioner's/Patissiere's Ring Effects

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Confectioner's/Patissiere's Ring Effects
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By Rips 2022-05-03 13:09:41
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Asura.Poweraid said: »
For what ever this is worth, here's some data with and without the ring.
Would love to know some other crafters' thoughts on the data set.
Synth: *(Recipe #2)
Cooking Skill: 124
Status Effects: Ionis, Coconut Rusk, and Artisanal Knowledge


Edit for clarification:
All synths were done with the status effects listed as above. The "no confection ring" is with a in Ring1 and the in Ring2.
The only change between the two data sets was swapping the Ring1 full time from craftmasters to confectioner.

Going off this, I guess I should switch from using Craftmaster's Ring to Confectioner's Ring then? I'll have to give it a go.