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Odyssey Group Seeking Member
Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Shozokui
Posts: 417
By Bahamut.Shozokui 2021-11-05 16:31:08
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Full for now! Will update if we need any more members.

Hey dudes, long time ~

I'm looking for a tank-focused player with mainly Paladin in their repertoire. Big bonuses if you also have Rune Fencer, Puppetmaster, Dark Knight, or Ninja in workable condition.

We have decent versatility on job crossover. If you're interested, let me know what jobs you can cover for RP farm!

*Schedule subject to moderate change*
-- Tues/Thurs 2x - 6:30pm CST
-- Fri 1x (optional) - 6:30pm CST
-- Sun 2x - 6:30pm CST

RP Farming
-- Fri 1x (optional) - 6:30pm CST
-- Sat 3x - 5:30pm CST

Group Experiance
It's a pretty fresh group, but the core people have been doing Odyssey for a bit now. We usually average 7~10k segs and utilize Cruel Joke pretty heavily.

NM Availability
All v15 NMs cleared and available.

RP Priorities
Bumba > Ngai > Kalunga == Xevioso
This is our general priority, subject to adjustment as people clear key pieces.

We use Discord for scheduling and voice communication and prefer that you do too.

Group Culture
We joke around and ask a lot out of our group members. So if you really like pushing your jobs to the limit and maximizing returns for your effort, this is probably a good fit for you. Bad runs happen, mistakes happen, but we try to minimize those occasions as much as possible.

Auxiliary Events
We're close friends in this group, so we do a lot of stuff together. HTBFs, Aeonic nonsense, old content for materials like Delve/Incursion, pretty much anything anyone needs, so we'd love to welcome you into that ecosystem. These days there isn't much you can't do with 6 people.

You can reach me through any of the following means:
- Discord: Shozokui#0240
- In Game: Lavits
- Private Message