New LS LFM For Secondary Events.Ambu Nyzul BCs Etc

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New LS LFM for secondary events.Ambu Nyzul BCs etc
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By Hellwitch 2021-05-28 20:19:04
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BenchWarmers is now accepting members.
This is a supplementary LS, for all NON top current content, as to not compete with your main Endgame LS.
We will not be doing Omen or Dynamis D.
Not to say you couldn't find LS mates to help you enter a zone for unlocks.

Events the LS will focus on helping with:
Ambuscade VD
Oddysey group setups and randoms for progression and unlocks
Nyzul Isle Token farming
Einherjar for those with out BST or BLU who need a hand
Unity UNM
VW spam
Pulse farming
Tier 1 and 2 Geas Fete for now, (tier3's and higher possibly later)

If there's another event you need help with, don't be afraid to ask. I am a laid back player from the old 75 days.
This LS was inspired and created for when you just need a hand and can't find any help.
(This being said, we are not here to just drag people kicking and screaming through content)

Requirements: I ask that you have at least 1 level 99 job, are willing to help occasionally and have a decent attitude. Returning players are welcomed as well.
No Politics will be allowed.