Ex- FFXI Players, Where Are You Now?

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Ex- FFXI Players, where are you now?
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By Odinz 2021-02-13 05:46:28
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Hi Everyone. I went to get something from the local pharmacy which is in the train station. We usually have a piano there that has not been used since this pandemic started. But yesterday someone was playing it. As I got closer I recognised what he was playing. It was Gustaberg. I waited for him to finish and just before he started his next song asked him if he played XI. He was about mid 40's. Turns out he played from PC release all the way to when they closed his server, Diabolos. He tried to come back a few times and as we were talking about regrets of playing too much he said "I only wish I was able to keep touch with the friends I had. That's what really made FFXI special to me"

We didnt have the social media reach that today's youth have. For many who stopped playing back in 2009-2012, friendships were lost forever.

He admitted to me that when I asked him which server, he was hoping I was also from diabolos. I saw the excitement in his eyes diminish a bit when I told him I wasn't and didn't know any people from there. But we still had a good long conversation, mostly around how long it took us to get a normal life back in place after quiting. We shared some war stories, mostly around MPK in valley of sorrows for Dalmaticas and Dragon Aery shenanigans. He played Rolanberry fields and after that we parted ways. (I went back home forgetting I went out to pharmacy to get something for my asthma /facepalm)

I've heard stories of people running into the rare XI ex-player in airports and at XIV conventions. Its something else when it happens to you, after all these years.

I told him about FFXIAH. he said he only ever used killingifrit. but to give a shout out to all the Element Rush, Poisoned and Mercury players of Diabolos and wish you well, if you're reading this.

Ex-FFXI players, where are you at? How is life treating you? some of you will be in your 50's, 40's and some in their mid 30's. I hope you have all been well. I hope you're surviving the pandemic well. I hope you took away some great memories from XI. Nothing will ever be come close to it. We were a special niche' generation that got to experience something special and magical.
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By RadialArcana 2021-02-13 06:32:30
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When you talk of FFXI in the past tense, keep in mind that is for you and not many of us. Many of us are still playing because every other mmorpg is complete garbage and we can't go out of the house to do anything else.
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By Odin.Senaki 2021-02-13 06:39:12
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RadialArcana said: »
When you talk of FFXI in the past tense, keep in mind that is for you and not many of us. Many of us are still playing because every other mmorpg is complete garbage and we can't go out of the house to do anything else.

I think he's referring to 'old ffxi' no longer being a thing.

Which is true, the game is a lot different from how it used to be. Ex)
MapleStory pre Bigbang vs. post.
Old school runescape vs. modern.
WoW Classic vs. retail.
FFXI RoZ/CoP vs. today.

Games evolve and change and the playstyle / experiences from a certain time won't necessarily be the same as those experienced at a later time. This doesn't mean they are lesser by any means. I've met friends since RoV that I still chat with offline long since they have quit the game.

He does make a fair point that not having social media back in the day, or alternative means to communicate with people offline, would have made it difficult to keep in touch. I found it hard enough back when Teamspeak / Skype were actively used.

-- sorry went on a bit of a rant.
Yes game is still active, but the older experiences he and this gentleman had aren't the same as what we have today.
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By Draylo 2021-02-13 07:12:05
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I've never been an ex player!
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By Asura.Aeonova 2021-02-13 08:34:47
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By Garuda.Chanti 2021-02-13 09:32:46
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Retired in N central WA and playing XIV.
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By Lakshmi.Avereith 2021-02-13 10:56:13
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/wave chanti