Spells Sets And Trusts For Omen Mid And Mega Boss?

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spells sets and trusts for omen mid and mega boss?
By Shichishito 2021-02-04 20:44:18
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share your spell sets and trust combos for the different mid/mega bosses and what to look out for.
By Shichishito 2021-02-06 18:32:38
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since no one else posts i'll try some theory crafting myself starting with mid bosses.

glassy craver spell set and trust combo:

glassy gorger:

glassy thinker:

any objections?
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By Asura.Kronikx 2021-06-17 13:40:27
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I've actually been working on a spell/gear sets for this. Just haven't had the chance to actually do it with work scheduel.

I agree on Gorger about dropping MG and Marches, don't want him to steal those from you. 5/5 Malignance would be a must since I don't have Gleti. Other than that gearwise go for pure raw EVA accessories. Treat it like oldschool when we actually had solo fights last longer than 3-6 minutes and PDT doesn't help at all.

Break out the EVA gear, wipe the dust off of it, and maybe swap a few spells to give more ACC traits if needed with all the EVA focus.