Any Wordpress Admin Around? Plugin Suggestion

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Any Wordpress admin around? Plugin suggestion
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By Asura.Sechs 2017-03-13 07:28:27
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Wonder if there are any other Wordpress web admins around :D
I usually work on other CMSs but this time I have to try to fix a mess done by an ex colleague on Wordpress and I'm looking for a very specific plugin.
Wonder if anybody can suggest me any, couldn't find one so far.

I need a Slider plugin, there are plenty of these and I already use "Slider WD" atm, but I need something different with the following characteristics
1) It has to work with Facebook videos
2) I have to be able to create multiple boxes on the same row, and then slide "rows" and not single videos

I've found many with point 1), but none with point 2).
Basically I want to create an horizontal line with 3 or 4 boxes. Each box is a facebook video. Then I can "slide" to another line, this too with 3-4 more videos, and so on.
So far I've only found slider plugins which allow you to put a single image/video/object and then slide between single objects.

Anybody knows something the likes of which I'm searching for?
Thanks! :D