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Jinxed doublet for sale -Asura server-
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user: Sessho
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By Asura.Syto 2016-04-01 15:20:45
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Screenshot of his Gil is vital. Then we will scan for photoshopping.. etc. Its not hard... Hush Hush mentality can be easily broken with a valid "POIDH" request..

Regardless, these items are over inflated and currently people who buy them are a little bit psycho. Not sure if that "little-bit" can be accurate representation of them. I will leave it to the audience to judge.

Although, I really recommend the seller provides pics and also reveals the buyer so we can all shake his hand...........:)

"The Richest Gilionaires of this Century"....Next headline of the FFXI Magazine or:
"FFXI's Hyper-Rich, How do they do it?!" - Details revealed on pg. 56