Links To Other Sites On XIV's Items Needs Updating

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Links to other sites on XIV's Items needs updating
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By Hezkezl 2015-12-15 02:11:26
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On any item (for example ) there is an Info section. It links to BG's Wiki, Eorzeapedia, and ZAM.

Long story short, can the webmaster/main admin change that url from "" to ""? :) Or I guess you can just delete it, up to you :P Just thought I'd pass along that you're using a broken link to a site that got renamed/deleted well over 3 years ago!

Short story longer: Eorzeapedia hasn't existed for a few years now... (it got turned into Gamerescape.) Prior to my talking to the GE guys about this site linking to them about a little over a year ago, clicking any 'Wikia' link would take you to a dead website. I emailed the webmaster here well over a year ago about it (via the 'Contact' link at the bottom of every page here), but apparently that email isn't checked.. :X So, I talked to the GE guys and they turned Eorzeapedia back on.. and made it redirect to the main Gamerescape page. So now, any item you go to and try to click the [Wikia] link, it won't go to the item's page. It'll instead go to the main GE page.

PS: Also, instead of BG's Wiki, might I suggest linking to Garland DB via ID# (like how you link to ZAM) instead? BG hasn't had any activity on their wiki since the end of September, so they might've abandoned their attempt at making a wiki... Garland is still actively maintained, though.
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By Rooks 2015-12-16 08:54:25
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