New Player With Questions About Marauder/tanking.

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New player with questions about Marauder/tanking.
Server: Sylph
Game: FFXI
user: crayden
Posts: 9
By Sylph.Crayden 2014-11-14 13:54:15
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Hi new player to FFXIV, considering lvling Marauder. Just wondering is Marauder expected to tank full on? Or is it more of a damage dealer.

Server: Bismarck
Game: FFXI
user: Antonious
Posts: 329
By Bismarck.Antonious 2014-11-14 14:30:51
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Marauder/Warrior is a full on tank. It puts out good damage compared to Gladiator/Paladin, but nowhere near the real DPS classes.