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Guild point items?
Server: Phoenix
Game: FFXI
user: Latravant
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By Phoenix.Latravant 2013-11-18 11:15:08
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Is there a new guild pattern for expert+ crafters? I checked the guild pattern and it showed veterans need ash staff. So i bought a bunch than tried to trade them in and got no points. when i talked to the npc she said i needed to trade in a workbench. i've only been expert for about 2 weeks. but the item i needed to trade in has been the same as veteran up until today. also yesterday on my mule who is smithing veteran the item requested was different from the item that showed up in the guild pattern.
Server: Sylph
Game: FFXI
user: Hitetsu
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By Sylph.Hitetsu 2013-11-18 11:49:20
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I assume, wrong game?

If it's for XI, the guild patterns have been off for a long time. Your best bet for that is to follow the "Submitted reports" section instead, otherwise go and check before buying.

If it's for XIV, then they've added something new that I haven't known about whilst not playing :D