ClanDestine LS/FC Is Recruiting All Players!

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ClanDestine LS/FC is Recruiting All Players!
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Game: FFXI
user: Seraphyna
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By Cerberus.Seraphyna 2013-08-09 15:42:50
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ClanDestine is a social linkshell/ free company and we are currently looking for new members to fill our ranks. With a few legacy members and a number of new players, we will initially focus on leveling, crafting, and mid-level raiding. Ultimately, we will move on to end-game content of all varieties. However, our primary goal is to create a friendly, welcoming community that fosters newcomers and veterans alike. Whether you are just beginning your adventures on Ragnarok, or have transferred as a veteran, ClanDestine would love to count you among our horde.

Who We Are

ClanDestine has its roots in FFXI. Founded by the the great Taru Beastmaster of Vana’diel, Mujuru, he espoused a fondness for social interaction and casual game-play but believed friendship and community were essential to success. He fostered an atmosphere of helping others, and over the years, he engineered one of the most successful and vibrant communities in Vana’diel.

It falls to the new ClanDestine generation, to uphold the founding principles of Mujuru’s teachings throughout Eorzea. We will live together, play together, fight together, and die together. We will help each other to achieve greatness. And much like the ClanDestine of old, we shall rise from these humble beginnings to new heights.

Recruitment Info
Server: Ragnarok
Time Zone: NA/EU All hours
Console: PC and PS3
Jobs/Classes: All jobs and classes
Focus: Everything FFXIV has to offer.

Age: 18+
Language: English speaking. However, we welcome multilingual players and those wishing to hone their English skills.
Voice: No requirement, although we do have Mumble available to those who wish to use it.
Activity: No requirement. Everyone has a real life with responsibilities. Although we would like our members to be on 24/7, we know this is unrealistic. We just ask that you play when you can and pop in and let us know if you will be gone a bit.

If interested, please contact us by submitting an application on our website at ClanDestine

Until then friends, Farewell!