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Free Company Recruitment
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By Univers 2013-06-24 22:16:12
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I figure I'd put this out here just in case!

I have a core group of RL friends returning from legacy forming a free company. We would welcome any like minded adults to join us!

• weeknights and sunday are probably our peak days (not fri or sat)
• absolutely no obligations for attendance. we consider ourselves hardcore gamers and yet we believe "RL" to be an admissable excuse for anything.
• no "officer" structure. just a modest sized group of peers.
• voice chat available, not 100% necessary.
• free company founder has ... a TON of gil from an extensive crafting career in 1.0. that's always a plus. lots of crafters and leveled jobs by some legacy members to be able to fill any group needs.
• no class or level requirements

The only thing required is that you have motivation and the desire to progress. Not looking for the most elite or GTFO, just looking for progressive players who have no problem putting forth the necessary effort every chance they get.

PM me and we'll keep in touch up until phase 4.
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By Lakshmi.Kadengt 2013-06-25 23:33:26
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Ahh.. The other half of the Elmdores.. Nice to see you are still around :D Good luck with your Free Company ^_^. I hope it does well for you and your members.