Aftercast Delay And Idle Sets

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Aftercast Delay and Idle Sets
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By Dantedmc 2013-05-24 06:16:10
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After I cast a spell, it takes longer than I would like to switch back to Idle set. It's most visible on Nukes. Here's What my Idle statement looks like. If I need to post my entire SC i will. Any help is greatly appreciated.

<if mode="OR" spell="sandstorm" buffactive="sandstorm">
			<action type="equip" when="idle|aftercast" set="SCHidle4" >
				<feet lock="yes">Desert Boots</feet>
				<!-- Gear movement speed when outside of combat and weather/buff is up -->
		<else status="idle|aftercast" notspell="warp|tele*">                   
			<action type="equip" when="aftercast|idle"  set="SCHidle4" />