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tips for Hq crafting
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By sfcharger 2012-07-30 11:25:54
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Wondering what kinda ability build used for hq crafting also what gear set up should be used a balance set or a control build ?
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By Asura.Ina 2012-07-30 12:52:01
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Brygots Blessing
Comfort Zone
And the lv 45 alchemy one (name escapes ne atm) are big abilities to have, not sure what to use in the last 2 slots idealy.
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By Hitetsu 2012-07-30 13:07:52
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Master's Mend is the one I think you mean Ina, "Greatly restores durability".

I haven't really aimed for HQ'ing things yet (only just got ALC nad GSM to 50), but for getting quality (mostly for skilling up), I usually go with:

Meticulous Mind (half durability loss for 3 turns)
Purification (+125% quality for 1 turn)
Inspiration (+50% quality for 3 turns)
Innovation (+50% quality for 3 turns)
Master's Mend (+30 durability).

I can typically get to around 300-350 quality safely and fill the rest out with Standard synths (while using no real gear).

Also, I've been told that primary stats for your class will increase quality per action, so it might be worthwhile filling out any areas you can't with craft/magic craft/control (like rings/bracelets) with +stat gear.
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By Deceptistar 2012-07-30 13:18:40
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have you tried looking at this? might be helpful
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By SOLALCHEMIST 2012-07-30 14:29:07
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Personally I use a mostly control build, with some of the primary stat for the class melded where I can. I don't use any Brand of X abilities so I want to avoid unstable as much as possible.

I don't swap my setup around for different synths as I find this flexible enough for any difficulty.

Skill setup

Master's Mend
Byregot's Blessing
Comfort Zone

I use MM straight away, then spam careful. First time I see rainbow orb when my dura less than 100, pop BB and Per then careful for ~150 quality. This leaves 2 turns left on BB. If either are red/rainbow I'll use Culmination and careful for another 100+ quality. If both turns are white/yellow I will save Cul for later in the synth.

Depending on difficulty of synth you can use CZ with standard for alot of progress. If Culmination is still free I will either try to use it on a rainbow, or it can be used with Rapid for 25-40% (depending on synth difficulty) progress, whichever is more useful.

Hope this is of some help.
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By sfcharger 2012-07-30 18:16:37
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i use a balance build on my arm atm but my skill set is

piece by piece
makers muse
comfort zone

set was doing ok a few times synth was stubborn so i didnt know if maybe it was tool mh or oh because few other synths is goes kinda smooth