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Returning player - MRD help.
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By Xenophire 2012-05-19 01:10:40
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Hiya, guys.

Returning beta player here. I've been scouring the lands for some gear with a couple friends and then I joined my first EXP party tonight and it was kinda fun. I haven't EXP'd since 75 cap in XI. Lol. Anyway, I was wondering, what's optimal for my level range and what should I be looking forward to and looking into getting. Also, this is a really big concern for me, points.

MRD: 40
Conquistador Elmo
Boar's Bane
Kokoroon's Darkshell Mail
Warden's Gauntlets
Linen Trousers
Engineer's Leggings
Brass Gorget (I know. Lol.)
Dodoskin wristbands
2 Silver Rings +1.

As far as points go:
STR 183 +16
VIT 182 +15
DEX 157 +4
(Base stats on my profile page.)

I'm actually quite worried I screwed my points up really bad. Lol. I understand the HP hike per level is pretty significant, but I can't justify having 1939 HP at 40, then somehow having 4k at 50.

Also, how does STR:Attack compare? Ideally, what should I start gear for, etc. I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. Lol. I have some horrible flashbacks to being a 20 Magician in MapleStory with STR and DEX. Haha.
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By DiesIraeRequiem 2012-05-19 09:40:04
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Youre basically going to want to put everything into str and vit. Don't worry too much about your stats at the moment though because once you get your warrior unlocked your AF is pretty decent starter gear. Just focus on getting to 50 and then getting all your af for your warrior.

From there on out you are going to want to focus on Str and Vit for damage. If I were you I would use the keepers hymn you will get from unlocking your warrior to reset your stats and put them all into str and vit.
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By GraddHelian 2012-05-20 15:10:25
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Requiem Lacrimosa said: »
your AF is pretty decent starter gear


Only AF piece you can honestly get away with is Helm rest is trash.

Even single melds are better than most WAR AF.
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By GraddHelian 2012-05-20 15:46:04
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I'll go into more in depth later, but generally your focus should be this.

Cap ACC >>> Cap STR >>> Cap Vit/Stack Attack >>>> Focus on other stats.

STR cap for an Ifrits Axe atleast is 350, Vit Cap is 310, i'm not sure what it would be for an AH weapon.

WAR actually can have a wide range of gear sets, I myself have a Full STR set for trash mobs. High ACC for higher tier content, and max HP for stupid ***like Coincounter.

Great source for knowing how stats work can be found here.

Also when looking at stats like crit rate and enmity, 1 enmity = .1% and crit is even lower you need 30 crit to even hit a 1% gain so your not really gaining anything from using stats like that.


For a starting set I would honestly recommend something like this for a new player.

Head: AF Helm
Body: Cobalt Haub: Tier IV VIT materia melded.
Hands: Cobalt Mitts/Gauntlets: Tier IV ACC or STR melded should have a pair of both honestly.
Legs: Felt Trousers: Tier IV STR/VIT melded onto them.
Feet: Can use WAR AF feet but I'd use explorers Sabatons just for the higher HP, they both have the same VIT.
Waist: Veteran's Field Belt.

As far as Accessories go i'd aim for the higher level STR and ACC rings and use them appropriately. Then save up to get Explorer's Choker and Earring. Raptorskin Wristbands are good as well for your wrist they give you some decent HP, there is also 3 STR wrist you can get but the name has slipped my mind at the moment.

Also when you start tanking stuff on WAR you can tank basically everything in a DD set, only thing that requires a 'Tanking' set is Coincounter as he can hit well up to 4.7k and that requires a decent HP build for oh ***moments.