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Dreadnought LS recruiting
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By morpheus305 2012-01-30 20:28:24
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-Dreadnought is currently looking for dedicated and loyal players with multiple r50s.

About Us

Dreadnought is an Endgame/NM/Hardcore LS on Saronia that has been around since beta.
We started as a close knit bunch of friends that decided to make a LS that would take
what ever server we chose by storm. Our current goals are to gear out our members with the latest primal/dungeon gear and to be one of the first shells on the server to take down new content.

Current Status
-Currently have 60 Members
-Currently have an active player base at all times
-Moogle/Ifrit/Darkhold/Coffer/NM/Caravan Escorts runs
-Ls Group Xping/Leves/Powerleveling
-Daily LS Events


Currently we are recruiting players with multiple r50s
-Must be 18+ years old
-Able to Use Vent
-Must be Active

To apply please go to http://dreadnoughtls.enjin.com/recruitment