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Best Fishing spots
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By AuctionHouse 2011-01-09 13:21:29
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I have started fishing, and hope to get the best out of my time fishing. So, for you experienced fishers, where are the best places?

For grade 3, I spend most my time off the coast of Bloodshore. But I like the catch's in the big lake north east of Tranquil. I get Crabs and Black Ghosts up there, which are really good.

I'm almost R21, and around 23 I can go to Cassiopia Hollow right?

Also, Gears and Stats?

Perception and Gathering the main to go for? Output too? Help me understand how each of these specifically effect fishing.

DEX and PIE the main stats for fishing?

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By AuctionHouse 2011-01-09 13:21:36
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By drar 2011-01-09 15:49:17
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Hey, I was a fan of the Tranquil Lake as well, and I stayed in G3 waters until R25 or R26. (Found a low bite rate at G4 waters before that). It seems that since the last big update SE has made fishing more dependent on stats. Currently I have 125 DEX and 124 PIE + traits/gear. I found that if I pumped just one stat, my catch rate wouldn't be very good, so it seems you need both sadly.

As for the gathering stats, I have only really tested one, and that was Gathering, and this was pre-patch. When I was fishing G4 waters for southern pike, I only got 2 jig's max when I had a pike on, but when I popped a Jack-o-lantern it gave me 3 jigs. So I assume that gathering+ gives you more attempts with the remainder bar.

As for perception my ls and I don't know exactly but we think it might increase the field of area where you can place your jig. (only speculation).

Output we believe increases the yield of the catch, as in getting 3 fish instead of 2. I also remember reading somewhere when the coatee's were released that it gave a R50 bot a extra attempt on a tree, so it may increase the number of attempts in a school of fish/spearfishing, but sadly I can't confirm nor deny this as I havn't tried.

As for Cassiopia Hollow, I've never found fishing in there that great myself sadly. After tranquil/bloodshore grinding I went to Cedarwood and have stayed there for quite a while fishing sharks and ash tuna, so I would suggest doing that.

Good Luck ^.^
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By AuctionHouse 2011-01-10 02:02:48
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Wow thanks! Very helpful!
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By AphroditeAreia 2011-01-11 06:52:25
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i wrote my own guide here, you might find it helpful.

Fishing Guide