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Crafting stats?
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By Dubont 2010-12-20 02:29:10
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I've been reading some contradictions on which stats do what while crafting.

Control: On some guides I've read that it determines the rate of synth success...but on others, I've read that it controls the rate that sparks appear..

Craftmanship: Some say rate of synth success, others say that it determines the increase in quality and decrease of durability

Mag. Craftmanship: Some say rate of synth success for magical items...some say rate of synth success on anything involving alchemy or cooking..and some don't know anything about it

Can ANYONE give me a solid answer on these things? lol I need to know what I need to put more numbers into to have more successful synths.
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By Yves 2010-12-20 09:27:32
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Nobody can give you a solid answer on this because it varies. One of the "Ask The Devs (now unemployed devs" was about your very question. In it, they stated that each stat will affect each tradecraft differently.

Sorry, bro - I wish I could give you more to work with.

Here is the link for you.

Ask The [unemployed] Devs: Synthesis
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By Dubont 2010-12-20 09:57:27
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Q. What do the crafter-related attributes Craftsmanship, Magic Craftsmanhip, and Control each do?
A. Among recipes in the game, there are those for which the rate of progress and chance of success are increased by higher Craftsmanship, and those for which they are determined by Magic Craftsmanship. Control helps to reduce the occurrence of aetherial sparking
that's all I needed to know right there, thanks