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Food Stats
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By switchstix 2010-10-06 16:16:56
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Hey Everyone,

Was curious to know how we are pulling these food effects that are now showing up on edible items. I tested a few items with a friend and each time we got similar results but they were always different from the FFXIVPro listing too.

An example:
FFXIVPro: Coerthas Carrot: MP+3 INT+3
Mithra: Coerthas Carrot: MP+6 INT+2
Hume: Coerthas Carrot: MP+5 INT+1

While the Source of the stats (MP, INT) is definitely on the right track, the stats themselves vary based on race it seems. If its just a matter of each race getting their own separate benefits, perhaps we should start helping gather information accordingly?

I have a spreadsheet I have been keeping and testing for my Hume character and have tried several different foods and if others can confirm this here, I'll start making comments on all the food I've tested that shows the stats for the races I've tested it on.
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By Fenrir.Scragg 2010-10-06 16:19:26
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What were the physical level of the 2 characters?
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By switchstix 2010-10-06 16:34:33
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Mithra: Phys Level 35
Hume: Phys Level 29
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By switchstix 2010-10-06 16:58:58
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Now sure how to edit on here quite yet but did more testing. It does appear to be based on Physical Level. I fed it to another Mithra at Phys Level 27 - MP+5 INT+1

Perhaps its tiered based on physical level? In any case, if it was, following the model of:

* Italics being speculation
01-10: MO+3
11-20: MP+4 INT+1

21-30: MP+5 INT+1
31-40: MP+6 INT+2
41-50: MP+7 INT+3

That would still mean that the values that we are pulling from the food are slightly off. :/ And that still doesn't rule out races having factors on food buff potency either.

I have something planned for my LS next Tuesday to get some food testing done but I want to make sure I am pooling the correct data too (Level Tiers vs Race)