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The Team
Matthew Scragg
Founder, Lead Web Developer
Founded FFXIAH.com in February 2006, developed and designed the entirety of the custom site front-end and database schema. Updates the blog occasionally. Maintains the website handling miscellaneous problems.
Cliff Spradlin
Data Collection, Server Administration, Scaling, Advising (retired)
Joined FFXIAH in July 2006. Developed data collection utility that is able to track auction house transactions at a massive volume and speed. It sparked overwhelming traffic and forced us to upgrade to multiple dedicated servers. Cliff optimized and designed key aspects of our servers to make them scalable and efficient. He was also a lead developer for Windower.
Cliff is also a software developer for ArenaNet, creator of Guild Wars.
Dorian Ouer
Web Developer, Community Manager, Localization (retired)
Joined FFXIAH in January 2007. Translated the entire site and FFXI database entries in Japanese. Communicates with the FFXIAH community, especially the Japanese players. Dorian has worked for a number of MMO/game companies over the years such as Areae, Origin/EA, Sony Online, and Bungie Software.
Dorian is currently lead game engine programmer for The Walt Disney Company.
Michael Scragg
Web Developer (retired)
Developed and enhanced community based features of the website such as Relic and Achievement sections. Assists with bug fixes and content management.
Mike is also the webmaster for the department of Mathematics at Florida State University and a web application developer for Mindbrix.
Drew Nelson
Web Developer
Maintains the website.
Chuck Mason
Data Collection Application Development (retired)
Sarchar of Titan. Developed first data collecting tool used by FFXIAH which inspired the establishment of FFXIAH.com.
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