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First Fantasy: Adventures of the White Magickian
By whitemage 2017-06-13 23:24:46
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First Fantasy: Adventures of the White Magickian

First Fantasy: Adventures of the White Magickian is a non-profit Final Fantasy prequel / side-story fan project that is currently in very early stages of development. The ultimate goal format has not been determined, however it may take the form of a short-story, web comic (doujinshi manga), turn-to-page role-playing game book system (using 2 dice, pencil and paper) and/or an 8-bit or 16-bit retro style video game. For the time being please enjoy these white mage doodles.

Be sure to check back soon for more updates. ^^

Here is the collection of concept scraps and lists (all very rough):




Traits & Abilities:

List of Actions:

Garments & Armour:

Tools & Accessories:


Special & Magickal Arms:


Special Items:



Please click here to visit the White Magickian's Album on Imgur.

By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:08:18
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Title Screen

The Characters

The Goddess

The White Magickian

Moogle Paladin

The Story

Game System

Statistics / Elements

Helping Others

Rendering aid to other people will be the main focus of the White Magickian's objectives.

Battling Evil

The majority of the foes which the White Magickian will face will consist of the undead and demons.


Dispel Undead

Dispel Undead II

Banish Demons



Special Items

Items which grant access to certain magick spells:

Magickal Scroll

Seal of Solomon


stone tablet

Items which grant access to certain special abilities:

Burning Cross


Stake Impale

  1. Stake Impale is a special ability which inflicts lethal damage to a Vampyr.

  2. A Vampyr must first be sufficiently weakened prior to using Stake Impale.

  3. The Stake Impale ability is intended for use on Vampyrs only.

  4. An impaling stake as well as a hammer must be equipped in order to perform Stake Impale.

Ghost Snare

dragonfly secretion - a few drops in a bottle

phoenix tailfeather - "fiery feather in a bottle"

By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:08:27
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Garments & Armour


Arming Sword

Mallets & Warhammers


Letter-Opener / Seal-Breaker

Broken Sword

Magickal Wands



Magickal Staff

By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:08:35
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Type: excavation tool
Usage: When it is too late to raise the dead, they must be buried in the ground with this.
Can be used as a weapon.
Damage: bunt
Statistics: endurance+
gros maillet en bois
(large wooden mallet)

Type: great hammer
Usage: Used to drive large tent stakes into the ground; among other things.
Can be used as a weapon.
Damage: blunt
Statistics: tenacity+ celerity-
crosse de berger
(shepherd's crook)

Type: staff
Usage: Used to herd sheep flocks.
Can be used as a weapon.
Damage: blunt
Statistics: tenacity+ piety+
fléau à battre le grain
(peasant's flail)

Type: agricultural tool / polearm
Usage: Used to separate / unsheathe grain from their husks.
Can be used as weapon.
Damage: blunt
Statistics: tenacity+ stamina+
marteau en fer rouillé
(blacksmith's hammer -2)

Type: hammer
Usage: Used in blacksmithing to shape metal crafts.
Can be used as a weapon.
Damage: blunt
Statistics: tenacity+ celerity-


Type: utensil / dagger
Usage: Used to unseal scrolls and open letters.
Can be used as a Weapon.
Damage: piercing
Statistics: finesse+ celerity+


(arming sword)

Type: sword
Damage: slashing / piercing / blunt*
Statistics: tenacity+ finesse+ stamina+ celerity+
Note: Blunt damage requires swordsmanship training (half-swording skill).

(head detail shown)
marteau d'armes de cavalier
(chocoboman's hammer)

Type: warhammer
Damage: blunt / piercing
Statistics: tenacity+ celerity+
Special: armor breaker

(morning star)

Type: spiked club
Damage: blunt / piercing
Statistics: tenacity+ misery+
Special: armor breaker

(head detail shown)

bec de colibri
(colibri's beak)

Type: warhammer
Damage: piercing / blunt
Statistics: tenacity+ finesse+ allure+
Special: armor breaker

plommée / maillet de plomb
(lead mallet)

Type: great hammer
Damage: blunt
Statistics: tenacity+
Special: armor breaker

(dagger fight hammer)

Type: warhammer
Damage: piercing / blunt
Statistics: tenacity+ finesse+ misery+
Special: armor breaker

Special / Magickal Weapons

croix en feu
(burning crux)

Type: special weapon
Usage: This mythril cross is set ablaze in blue-white
spirit flame upon the approach of a vampyr or demon.
Can serve a ward against them or as a weapon.
Damage: special / paralysis
Statistics: tenacity+ piety+
Special: vampyr slayer, demon slayer

(impaling stakes)

Type: anti-vampyr wooden stakes
Usage: Used with a mallet to deal final blow to a vampyr.
Can also be used to pitch a tent.
Damage: piercing
Statistics: endurance+ piety+
Special: vampyr slayer

marteau de mythril
(mythril hammer)

Type: hammer
Damage: blunt
Tenacity+ finesse+ piety+
Special: armor breaker; undead slayer
Notes: Vampyr slaying is possible when used in combination with Impaling Stakes.

bâton de guérison
(healing staff)

Type: magickal staff
Damage: healing
Statistics: piety+
Special: Cure

slaitín draíochta cuileann
(holly magick wand)

Type: magick wand
Damage: magickal
Statistics: tenacity+ discernment+ piety+
Special: Dispel Undead

Le marteau croisé
(The Hammer Crux)

Type: hybrid weapon
Damage: blunt, piercing, slashing
Statistics: tenacity+ finesse+ piety+
Special: armor breaker; undead slayer; vampyr slayer

Claidheamh Soluis
(Sword of Light)

Type: magickal sword
Damage: special
Statistics: tenacity+ finesse+ allure+ celerity+
Special: Holy
By whitemage 2017-06-14 00:09:33
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Adding and sorting doodles.
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Very cool. Keep up the hard work.