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  • FFXIV is Going to gamescom!
    We are proud to announce FINAL FANTASY XIV will once again be making an appearance at gamescom in Cologne, Germany from August 5 to 9!
    That’s right, gamescom is nearly upon us and FINAL FANTASY XIV will be there with fun events for attendees! Take part in the Challenge Roulette, earn “I Beat …” t-shirts, and attend the biggest Fan Gathering outside of the Fan Festival. Come, join in, prove your skills, and party with us!

    Read on to learn more about what we have planned for gamescom!
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 31 2015
  • Announcing the Hairstyle Design Contest!
    Adventurers of Eorzea are constantly ringing the Crystal Bell to summon Jandeaine, the artistic and talented Elezen who is quite possibly the busiest person in all the realm. The travelling aesthetician answers the call at the drop of a dime, and the time has come to give this stylist a bit of help. Don't worry, we won't be asking anyone to pick up a makeup kit and a pair of elegant shearing tools (think of the chaos!). Instead, we'd like to give Jandeaine new ideas for hairstyles by having adventurers submit their own hairstyle creations! The development and operations team will be selecting the finalists and then taking it to the forums for players to vote on their favorite male and female hairstyle. The two winning hairstyles will then be implemented into the game!

    It's time to get stylin' to make adventurers ridiculously good looking!

    Read on for full contest details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 29 2015
  • Announcing the Heavensward Transition Art Contest!
    With the dust settling after masses of adventurers rushed through the Gate of Judgement and took to the skies, it’s a prime time to reflect on how much we’ve changed since Heavensward.

    The Warrior of Light has made a significant transformation, shedding his battle-scarred warrior armor for a fancy new suit of dragoon armor. What kind of transformation have you undergone? Did you switch your main arm of choice for another to aid Ishgard? Or perhaps you decided to pop the cork off a phial of Fantasia and take on a whole new look.

    We want to see how you’ve changed by putting your artistic skills to the test for our Heavensward Transition Art Contest. The teams will be selecting five of the best artworks that illustrate your character’s transition and awarding them with a FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A REALM REBORN™ THE ART OF EORZEA -ANOTHER DAWN- art book signed by Director & Producer Naoki Yoshida and Art Director Kazuya Takahashi! All approved entries will also have their choice of one of four in-game items! We’re looking forward to seeing the changes you’ve experienced!

    Read on for the full contest details!
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 23 2015
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Released!
    We've put together another amazing fan kit, including artwork from the recent Heavensward Illustration Countdown!

    Download the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 21 2015
  • Announcing the Winners of the Memories of Eorzea Screenshot Contest!
    Perusing the Memories of Eorzea entries really showcased the wide range of memorable moments that players have experienced over the years. Heartfelt memories ranging from good times spent adventuring with friends to the defeat of Eorzea’s most treacherous threats. We’re pleased to see that the friendships forged on the journey throughout Eorzea has left such a positive impact on the lives of our players. Starting from nearly 1,000 entries, it wasn’t easy for the team to narrow the winner selection down to 100 winners, and for Yoshida to choose his fourteen favorites, but after much deliberation we are pleased to present the winners!

    Take a look at the winning entries of the Memories of Eorzea Screenshot Contest.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 21 2015
  • Retainer Page Now Available on the Lodestone!
    Your retainers are now just a few clicks away with this newest addition to the Lodestone. View the progress of your retainer's ventures, take stock of their inventory, or even check their sales and sales history. And no matter how many retainers in your employ, the included search function will ensure no items are misplaced.

    Read on for details.

    * Players must be logged in to the Lodestone to utilize this feature.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 21 2015
  • Patch 3.05 Notes
    Patch 3.05 brings a host of additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea including Alexander: Gordias (Savage), a brutal version of the newest raid dungeon, and Seal Rock (Seize), a new PvP encounter in Frontline!

    * Adjustments for disciples of the hand and land, including the introduction of red gatherers' scrips and red crafters' scrips, will be implemented during the maintenance on Thursday, July 23, 2015.

    Read the patch notes.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 21 2015
  • New PvP Encounter Preview—Seal Rock (Seize)!
    In patch 3.05, the Grand Companies once again ask for the aid of adventurers in staking their claim to Allagan relics. Ready your arms and prepare for battle on the island of Seal Rock!

    Take a peek.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 17 2015
  • Alexander: Gordias (Savage) Preview!
    Patch 3.05 will see the release of Alexander: Gordias (Savage), a more unforgiving version of our latest raid dungeon. What brutal new challenges await within the steely confines of Alexander?

    Take a peek.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralJuly, 17 2015
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