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  • Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXV
    The date has been set for the twenty-fifth installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE! Broadcasting from Hiroshima, Producer & Director Yoshi-P will be answering questions from fans across the globe. Don't miss this chance to get the latest information to come out of Eorzea!

    Check out the details on how to view the broadcast.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralOctober, 9 2015
  • New Optional Items Available!
    Players can now purchase the following via the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station:

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralOctober, 6 2015
  • Tokyo Gameshow 2015 Cactuar Lottery 3.0 Prizes for All!
    Thanks to the efforts of the brave heroes who defeated Ravana at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, players on all Worlds are eligible to receive the Goobbue Earrings, Cactuar Earrings, Bomb Earrings, Dodo Earrings, and Slime Earrings in-game rewards from the Cactuary Lottery 3.0!

    Learn how to obtain these items.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralOctober, 5 2015
  • Extensive Maintenance and Temporary Halt of World Transfer Service
    At the following time, in order to implement the previously announced transfer of the Chaos data center to Europe, as well as make improvements to the World transfer system across all Worlds, we will be performing an extensive maintenance. In preparation for this maintenance, the World Transfer Service will be temporarily suspended starting from Oct. 5, 2015, 1:00 a.m. (PDT), and will be unavailable until maintenance has ended.

    See here for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralSeptember, 30 2015
  • Announcing the Cartographers and Seekers Contest!
    After soaring through the skies and journeying through the vast lands beyond Ishgard, the opportunities for discovering new vistas of peace, tranquility, and excitement have risen straight through the clouds. If you’ve found such a place and would like to share with fellow adventurers, why not create a sightseeing treasure map for others to find your special location? By participating in the Cartographers and Seekers Contest, we’re giving adventurers the option of either creating a map to a location you want others to find, or deciphering the location of another adventurer’s map for a special in-game item reward. Thirty entries from each category will be awarded a prize, so put your cartographic and seeking skills to the test!

    Read on for full contest details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralSeptember, 24 2015
  • DUTY COMMENCED EPISODE 8 Archived and Ready!
    The eighth episode of the North American Community Team’s DUTY COMMENCED has come and gone. Did you miss the show? No worries! The episode has been archived on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel for your on-demand viewing pleasure!

    Check out the latest episode of DUTY COMMENCED to learn in depth details on Patch 3.1 and it’s plethora of content, get a look at the activities we hosted at PAX Prime with a never before seen video of the event, and experience a lore lowdown on one of FFXIV’s more notorious characters -- Lolorito!

    View the archived video on the official Twitch channel.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralSeptember, 23 2015
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit, TGS 2015 Edition – Part 4 (9/20/2015)
    Today marks the last day of the Tokyo Game Show, and our final addition to this year's TGS edition of the FINAL FANTASY XIV fan kit. Be sure to check out the full collection, and give your desktop and mobile devices a great new look!

    Download the fan kit.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralSeptember, 19 2015
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit, TGS 2015 Edition – Part 3 (9/19/2015)
    To commemorate FINAL FANTASY XIV’s appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we’ve prepared a special collection of wallpapers for desktops and mobile devices. New wallpapers will be made available for download each day of the event, so be sure to check back often!

    Download the fan kit.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralSeptember, 18 2015
  • Transfer of the Chaos Data Center to Europe
    To ensure that players living in Europe have a more enjoyable experience in FINAL FANTASY XIV, an additional data center has been established in Europe. The Chaos data center, which has been recommended for European players, will be transferred to this new location. Furthermore, all Worlds within the Chaos data center are scheduled to undergo maintenance for three to five days while the transfer takes place.

    Read on for detail.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralSeptember, 18 2015
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