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  • Patch 3.2 - Gears of Change Trailer Is Now Live!
    Change is coming to Eorzea. But how will her people cope with what it brings? Ser Aymeric boldly paves the way for his people's salvation. Adventurers clash in brutal combat at the Wolves' Den. Nash, faithful companion of Hildibrand, continues her search for the gentleman inspector. Fledgling adventurers sharpen their skills in the Hall of the Novice.

    The winds of change blow fiercely, and today we offer you a glimpse of what's to come in the Patch 3.2 - The Gears of Change trailer!

    * Please be advised that the Feast is scheduled to be implemented in patch 3.21.

    View the trailer.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 12 2016
  • Hall of the Novice and Mentor System Preview
    In today's patch 3.2 preview, we introduce two new additions designed to aid fledgling adventurers: the Hall of the Novice and the Mentor System.

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 12 2016
  • The ”Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVII” Digest Released!
    We’re proud to announce that the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXVII event digest has been released!

    If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again, take a look below.

    Proceed to the thread.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 10 2016
  • Alexander: Midas Preview
    In today's patch 3.2 preview, we'll give you a glimpse of Alexander: Midas, wherein the Illuminati have hatched their next plot to conquer the realm.

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 10 2016
  • Beast Tribe Quest Preview
    In today's patch 3.2 preview, you'll get a peek at a new quest series focused on the Vath and their journey to freedom from the Overmind.

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 8 2016
  • DUTY COMMENCED EPISODE 10 Archived and Ready!
    The tenth episode of the North American Community Team’s DUTY COMMENCED has been archived! Couldn’t join the team live this time? No worries! The episode has been stored on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel and can be watched over and over at your whim.

    Check out the latest episode for preliminary hot scoops on Patch 3.2, and find out additional lore about two of Eorzea’s notorious personas, Rowena and Gerolt, in our Lore Lowdown!

    View the archived video on the official Twitch channel.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 7 2016
  • Sephirot Battle Preview
    Today's patch 3.2 preview will give players a peek at the battle with Sephirot, one of the three towering pillars of the Warring Triad.

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 5 2016
  • Dungeon Preview
    Patch 3.2 is fast approaching, and today we offer you a glimpse into the Antitower, as well as the hard mode of the Lost City of Amdapor!

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 4 2016
  • Main Scenario Preview
    Patch 3.2 – The Gears of Change is scheduled to release on February 23, 2016! Prepare for release day with this sneak peek at the main scenario.

    Read on for details.
    Source: Lodestone
    GeneralFebruary, 4 2016
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