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The RWBY Thread
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By Phoenix.Demonjustin 2017-01-10 11:54:33
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Odin.Liela said: »
Valefor.Sehachan said: »
It's not filler, I actually thought this was a very good episode unlike some others like the initial ones, the pace was good and it fleshed out all the characters.

Also the chameleon girl is really cool.

Chameleon girl is cool. And it's cool that Blake knows her personally. And it was nice to see all four girls in one episode for a change.

... But it really does feel like this whole SEASON is filler. It might just be me! I've been known to be wrong in the past a time or two (thousand.) It just feels like the plot is inching forward at a snail's pace.
Honestly it all has to do with the way the plot was set up for this volume.

Generally, if you split characters up you have to devote time to each of them still, which slows down overall pace but allows for a more diverse story. A time skip allows for characters to have had time to grow, and the world to change a bit, meaning you need to re-establish things a bit before you can really get things back to full speed, lest you leave the audience confused as to what's happened.

In this case, both happened. Te characters are split up and there was a time skip, that means they have to re-establish what's going on around each character individually and progress them individually. Doing both of these things at once slowed things to a crawl, especially because it's 4 characters, which means 4 times as many catch-ups, and a large spread of progress over the episodes.

All in all, the story is moving very slowly because of these factors. It's not filler, since filler is just random stuff put in to kill time, and this is all very plot important. That said, I understand how it can be offputting, as I've felt the same way. Unless this volume concludes with them at least cutting this number down a bit from 4, I can't imagine the next volume doing much better. This just isn't a good situation to be in with the story, especially not when volumes tend to be only a dozen or so episodes and we're presumably nearing this year's climax already.
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By Valefor.Sehachan 2017-01-10 11:59:05
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I doubt they're going to show us Ren and Nora on their own.
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