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Looking for Weekend Event shell, Omen DynaD Aeonic
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By DaneBlood 2018-09-03 18:48:15
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My old shell seems to be dying on event and im the only one keeping events going on a weekly basis.
So im looking into a new shell that runs events on weekends (Friday, sat,sun)

My Mains:
- Master AG THF (Working on aeonic and augment gear atm)
- Master PLD ( got ochain im working on aegis and later on burtgang)
- PUP (pretty new to this job)

My CureMule
- Master WHM (About to finsh off yagrush. needs abjuration gear)
- Master BRD (STill pretty gimped. only 2 song so far and emp gear +2)

My Wife's Account
- Master AG BLU ( AG Tizona and I119 almace. Working on augment/abjuration gear atm)
- SMN ( Played it pre abyssea days. Trying to regear it)

In a pretty Dedicated Player. but work schedule prohibits me form big event on workdays but I am available all fri-sat-sunday
A quick and dirty overview of progress can be seen her

I am looking for a good shell to progres with active players.
Server: Phoenix
Game: FFXI
user: Anza
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By Phoenix.Capuchin 2018-09-05 02:58:03
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Hi, you might be interested in our little LS, SilentRain... Your PLD and WHM mule in particular may fill some of our frequent needs :)

Anyone else out there reading this who is in a similar situation, please feel free to take a look as well and contact me via PM here, or send a /tell in game to me or to Renatus (shell leader).

LS overview:
We run LS events on Wednesdays @9pm Eastern and Sundays @7pm Eastern, with attendance usually around 9 to 13-ish people. If you're interested and unable to show up on Wednesdays (or can just jump in for a limited time), Sunday only is perfectly fine - or vice versa. Our Sundays tend to be higher attendance and longer runs anyway, typically lasting roughly 4~5 hours (as opposed to maybe 3+ hours on Wednesdays), but sometimes people have to leave early or join late and we're pretty flexible with that.

To give a sense of the LS, we do current endgame content and we're... decent, but not necessarily elite. Core group has been around since Titan server was a thing, and we've been doing twice a week events consistently since that time. But lately it seems that every time we get some sustained success on the harder stuff (Divergence wave 2+, the hard Aeonic NMs), we may lose a person or two, have to build up a couple new members, have a couple key people out for a while due to job demands, etc. Mix of players from some highly geared multiple RMEA players with top end gear, to others with decent endgame gear but not to the elite level. Main thing we want is a good attitude and a desire to improve and put in some effort to clear current content while also being pleasant and getting along with other players.

LS also has non-scheduled activity throughout the week on a more ad-hoc basis with whoever is around on the shell: forming parties with LS members to do Ambuscade, CP parties, farm some Geas Fete or UNM, etc.

Our current events revolve around:
* Dynamis Divergence - we usually do the weekly bonus zone every event night for wave 1 clears (Relic +3 unlocks), with some wave 1/2 farming for gear/currency, and pretty flexible on what jobs you want to come get unlocks on as long as we have the bare necessities covered. Looking to try more frequently for more serious attempts fairly soon, with more optimized setups to focus on reaching and eventually beating wave 3 bosses.

* Omen - most members have much of their needed non-Ou/non-body gear, though there are always a few needs from the other NMs. We tend to bring in at least a couple mules to collect 5/5 Ou KIs, and do a few Ou once we've built sets. Most event days we still tend to do at least 1 Omen zone after Dyna, sometimes more.

* Especially when relevant campaigns are up, occasional farming stuff like Geas Fete for gear (e.g, several event nights in August we did some T2 & T3 Reisenjima mobs while the spoils campaign was up), Vagary for gil items & 5/5 KI clears, Delve spam for plasm during event, UNMs, etc.

* As for Aeonics... we'd LIKE to do more consistent Aeonic NM progress, but we do still get hung up on the "hard NMs" WoC/Kirin/T4 Reisenjima HELMs and can't really carry all of the people who would like to participate (at least, until they get geared up more on relevant jobs). We don't really have a SMN-burn setup (one Nirvana SMN at the moment, though we've had a couple others in the past who don't play any more...). Would be nice to get some consistent success with our people though, and definitely something that will be a future goal for LS events.

What we need:
- Enthusiastic WHMs. Would be super nice, we've had some losses to our healers lately with a couple of our WHMs leaving FFXI and others having limited playtime due to real life stuff, so someone excited to heal on a regular basis would be a great fit. Yagrush not required, but certainly wouldn't complain!

- High end GEO BRD. Idris GEO or Honor March BRD would definitely be VERY welcome in practically all events, though there's often room for a good non-Idris 900 skill GEO or a fairly well geared BRD (some RMEA, 3+ songs, etc?). As buffers go, we have less need for COR, have quite a few of those ranging from solid and improving to excellent - but there's always some room for a top end COR (with strong DD gear as well as ability to buff).

- Additional endgame-ready tanks. We have a pretty dedicated Burt/Aegis PLD, another player (me) with a top-end PUP tank and pretty strong Epeolatry RUN, and a handful of other players who occasionally tank with fairly decent PLDs or RUNs (but those aren't really their priority jobs). However, all of our regular tanks always tend to be players who can also come on other valuable jobs, so additional flexibility is nice here. We're usually down with letting a tank enthusiast do their thing ;)

- Killer SMNs? Couldn't hurt, we've got a decent starting point for some cheese-fest Aeonic setups with one good Nirvana SMN, the necessary RUNs/PLDs/CORs... but can't really Astral Conduit zerg those Aeonic mobs without more SMN! Would be nice if we didn't lose a Nirvana SMN every time another one closes in on finishing Nirvana...

What we prob need less of, but... maybe?
- Exceptional DDs. Honestly, the above jobs would be more useful to us for most stuff (and many of our players who we often need to come as the above jobs could perhaps be better used on their high end DDs). But for the DD with really great gear/RMEA and a real passion for the job, I'm sure we'd find a way to make it work - at least when using a melee strat.

- Exceptional BLM SCH. Like the melee DDs, we're probably fairly well covered here with a handful of rather strong BLM SCH, and using too many nukers tends to be counter-productive anyway (damn repeated element resist wall...) so you'd have to be quite good to justify a slot. But if you're a super geared nuker, it could work at least sometimes.

What we're pretty good on:
- RNG: we have several well geared RMEA RNG already, so we'd more likely get more use out of other jobs unless you're truly top end and really love the job (and if that's the case, you have to also be willing to deal with me talking shop with you incessantly).
- RDM: we also have a few RDM already, though that includes a couple of 2boxed mules more dedicated to buffs/enfeebles for stuff like Omen so MAYBE RDM could fit if you are really dedicated to it.
- COR: as noted above in the BRD GEO discussion, we have several decent to great COR. It's probably a higher likelihood of getting use than a less-than-elite melee DD, but not really one of our more pressing needs.
- BST PUP: we don't particularly do much in the way of pet-centric stuff for LS events, which kinda leaves DD-oriented BST PUP out of the loop for event purposes. We have a hardcore PUP already for when that is of use (e.g. some tanking situations), so usually if a situation calls for PUP we've got that covered - might occasionally have use for an alternate PUP, but it would be fairly rare for LS event purposes.

We don't particularly need more melee DDs without superb gear. Can manage to include them sometimes, but often it will become a liability for stuff like HP scaling NMs when we're trying to fit people in who have little to provide other than a decent melee job.
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By fonewear 2018-09-05 07:46:27
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Can vouch for Cap and the linkshell. Very good people and well run linkshell. I'm half tempted to come back to you guys.
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By DaneBlood 2018-09-06 06:31:01
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Phoenix.Capuchin said: »
Hi, you might be interested in our little LS, SilentRain... Your PLD and WHM mule in particular may fill some of our frequent needs :).

Thank you I will be hitting you up
THis week im hoping fininsh up einhejar for yagrush. and getting nuzyl token for burtgang on dane.

I'm trying to put DaneBlood in to the Tanking/PhysDD jobs position
Keeping Lessfilling as utility and mage DD
and Tastesgreatx as backline

CP focus is going on Mastering SCH on taste. PLD on Dane and smn on less

My mon-wed attendency, I mostly do small stuff since I have 11 hours workdays + travel +dinner make it hard to put in some focused time on big event.

I'll try to regear Less's WHM. RDM And WHM was her first jobs in the game.
At least get her on a decent cure /fastcast/-na set
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By DaneBlood 2019-04-29 08:13:40
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Bumping this

I'm still looking for a ls that does Omen boss farmings / aonics or Even vagary on a regular schedules

NA time
Worksdays evenings
Weekends any time

wednesday and sundays evening (Thats my DynaD days)