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Summoner Gearswap (yep another one :P)
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By Verda 2015-11-08 21:18:50
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I have worked on this off and on for over 6 months, and said I'd release it 3 months ago, so just taking the dive and doing it. A lot of that work is spread out, not to give any misrepresentation. I still want to do a lot, but it's very usable and feature filled and i think other SMN can use it as a good base, or if they choose add to it and expand upon it.

I'll try to maintain brevity and I hope this is useful to you.

* SMN Hud - displays bloodpacts, active avatar, and modes and their states it is also customizable to a degree. Toggles for display.
* Custom keybinds well thought out for Summoner.
* Many modes, with tested and working sets: PDT, Pet PDT, CP Mode, Movement Mode, Staff Lock/TP mode, Impact debuff or dmg, mpsaver or all out Favor, magic burst (for relic hands), engaged mode for melee and perpetration/refresh (handy for trusts out) and more to come in the future.
* Built on top of other gearswaps and libraries, including Motes.
* Utilization of shortcuts and aliases as well as keybinds.
* Movement gear automatically in adoulin, town, and when quickening is applied.
* Buff rotation you can set up and cycle wards. Handles calling avatar, casting relevant ward.
* Easy switching of avatars with binds.
* Advanced siphon logic
* Prevention built in for having wrong gear equipped mid pact (locks out gearswap till pet midcast done for pacts).
* More to come as I'm thinking of things to add constantly and often code it on the spot if I need it...

Current known bugs
* Sometimes precast.FC not equipped, seeing if it's working as intended as only thing that could cause it is the prevention for switching gear mid pact.

Here is a preview of the HUD.

Typing the following aliases in game can save lives, and turn fights around I find. In any case it's way more convenient than going through spell lists or having too many keybinds to remember.

All use shortcuts, so if no target is selected it targets yourself and if a target is selected it casts it on them, unless it's a monster and a buff then it casts it on yourself. Basically it does what you think it should.

Any alias can be done in game by typing //x where x is the code on the left below. ex. //si for sneak and invisible. I kept the shortest for -na's as those are usually in the heat of battle.

si sneak invisible - casts sneak and then invisible you may have to adjust wait time based on your fastcast level
sn sneak
in invisible
f1 fire (tier 1) - casts 2 rounds of t1 fire
t1 thunder (tier 1) - casts 2 rounds of t1 thunder
p paralyna
l aurorastorm (think light weather)
po poisona
e erase
c cursna
s silena
b blindna
bu buffs - self buffs. I have only stoneskin and aquaveil on it but you can modify it how you like. For those annoying prebattle buffgasms.
ss stoneskin
bl blink
r refresh
rr reraise
rg reload gearswap - mostly to ease debugging

None for cure as I use a macro keyboard and you can see I have that setup just for my M1-M6 keys to cast cure 3 on party members, you can def add your own tho!

This is actually my favorite part, it really changed how I played Summoner.

The heart of what we do! If you have a pet out, will dismiss, either way you press this keybind and you have that avatar out :) If you can't remember the binds at first, they are in the same order as the sorted spell list.

Note: Prior versions used Alt + numpad but I found this caused too many accidental summons so it is now using the windows key. I am happy with this change but if you are not the binds can be changed in the Player-SMN.lua file.

Windows key + numpad 1 - Carbuncle
Windows key + numpad 2 - Fenrir
Windows key + numpad 3 - Ifrit
Windows key + numpad 4 - Titan
Windows key + numpad 5 - Leviathan
Windows key + numpad 6 - Garuda
Windows key + numpad 7 - Shiva
Windows key + numpad 8 - Ramuh
Windows key + numpad 9 - Diabolos
Windows key + numpad 0 - Cait Sith

Windows key + numpad . - Light Spirit
Windows key + numpadenter - Atomos

Avatar Commands
I'm using my macro keyboard m11-m13 keys for dismiss, retreat and attack. If you don't have a macro keyboard, you can use ctrl + numpad keys or anything else you choose. I included that in the code for you:

Ctrl + numpad 1 - Release
Ctrl + numpad 2 - Retreat
Ctrl + numpad 3 - Assault

Alt + pagedown - Apogee
Alt + delete - Avatar's Favor

Gotta do something with that avatar right :D They are grouped and keybound based on function, so you know that alt+2 is curaga no matter if it's carbuncle, garuda or levithan for example. Here is the general logic:

Alt + 1 - Cure
Alt + 2 - Curaga
Alt + 3 - Buff Offense
Alt + 4 - Buff Defense
Alt + 5 - Buff Special (ex. Fleet Wind)
Alt + 6 - Debuff 1
Alt + 7 - Debuff 2
Alt + 8 - Sleepga
Alt + 9 - Misc (for anything that doesn't fit)

Ctrl + 1 - Low tier Nuke (ex. Stone 2)
Ctrl + 2 - High tier Nuke (ex. Stone 4)
Ctrl + 3 - Level 70 BP (Physical, usually good damage source. Flaming Crush here for example).
Ctrl + 4 - Level 75 Merit Pacts (Magical :D)
Ctrl + 5 - For higher tier Rage Pacts like Regal Gash and Voltstrike
Ctrl + 6 - Astral Flow Pact, only usable when AF up obviously
Ctrl + 7 - Misc1 for things that don't wanna fit.

Fenrir the only one where a few of these don't completely make sense just because he has so many pacts (I put Crescent Fang under Nuke 4, just no room and he doesn't have dark based nukes, that's about the only exception tho and you are free to change it to your liking).

Alt + end - Sublimation
Alt + q - Perform entire Elemental Siphon series of tasks
Alt + o - View Map
Alt + Numpad+ - Also view map :P
Alt + numpad- - release avatar if out and not garuda, Summon Garuda if needed, cast fleet wind, and unsummon garuda (was real time and work saver when I was a baby smn doing missions all the time).

Mode/State toggles
f11 - toggle PDT and normal
Alt + f11 - toggle pet pdt and normal
f10 - toggle forced movement mode (equip heralds gaiters)
Ctrl + f10 - Toggle Favor mode (mpsaver, or allout)
Alt + f10 - Impact mode (Normal - Equip for magical dmg Debuff - Max smn skill for debuff aspect)
Alt + f9 - Burstmode (Use relic +1 hands for merit pacts or not)
Ctrl + [ - Toggle forcing your cp cape to stay on or not
Alt + [ - Staff/TP lock
Ctrl + ] - In development still, but seems to work. Go to next buff in ward rotation.
Windows Key + numpad0 - Equip and then use warp ring. Not always working for some reason on the use item part does equip ring 100% tho.

App/Menu Key + 0 - Toggle HUD hidden/visible
App/Menu Key + 9 - Force HUD Refresh
App/Menu Key + 8 - Toggle HUD showing Modes/States or hiding them

App/Menu key is to the right side of the spacebar between ctrl and alt on most keyboards, and isn't the windows key.

Small mission statement
I try to avoid defining a ton of sets with mode variation and instead use customize functions, set_combine, job_post_pet_midcast, job_self_command, and possibly more functions in the future to avoid having to have lots of sets defined. Some modes alter your current gear, whatever it is... based on state, others let things like pet_midcast through in ways I think make sense. It was always a bummer to me with other GS you get new gear and the task of adding it to tons of sets makes you dread even using it. I tried to avoid that as much as I can think how here. This is always a work in progress, what you see now is the result of where I'm at in the game and work on this gs.

Final Word
Most of all, have fun! :) Please report any bugs you find, I'll fix them when I can. Anyone who wants to take this, or parts of it, welcome to. I can assist in limited capacity due to time with helping you set it up, I'm sure others here can assist as well. Suggestions, editions, modifications welcome. Make it your own! Thank you to anyone who ever helped me in the FFXI community.

Download and Instruction
Download Current Version: 1.13.2017

* Download, and extract to the Windower 4/addons folder.
* Change the name to your character name (erase Verda in Gearswap/data/Verda-SMN.lua and put your char name in the file name ex. Bob-SMN.lua)
* Edit the file with a text editor (notepad++ or vim work well)
* Change the absolute path to the base_icon_dir to your location for it. Example:
base_icon_dir = 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Windower4/addons/Gearswap/data/icons/'

(I wanted to avoid having to have you put that in but spent an hour trying to make relative directories work with images.lua library, if you don't do this step the avatar icons on the hud will just be a white box).
* If you load it and can't see the hud it could be offscreen, set hud_x_pos to a value smaller than your screen resolution, you may customize hud_y_pos as well, for most I think this won't be an issue.
* Customize any other global settings you like.
* Customize your sets and put in your gear ;) I have had people tell me it took them 20 mins to get up and running so don't feel it's too complicated for you and if you have trouble send me a PM.
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By Quetzalcoatl.Frodnon 2015-11-08 23:13:17
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'bout the only thing i can ask for would be to post it in code tags or on github so that it doesn't lose formatting when downloaded.
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By Bismarck.Dubai 2015-11-08 23:32:20
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Thank you Verda for your GS file. Much appreciated!
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By Bahamut.Seekerstar 2015-11-09 01:15:15
Link | Quote | Reply brain....

Im gonna have to try and understand this before I use it and end up with only my functionally retarded (and I mean that literally...hindered in every way, not in a pejorative sense IT'S REALLY WEIRD) light spirit when I'm looking for Ramuh.

Holy sheet, sir. This has more functionality than my cell phone.
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By Siren.Blackroses 2015-11-09 14:05:20
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Great stuff,

I tried to make one little tweak, and now when I try to load it says it canno't find Verda/Verda_smn.tct.

Is it a missing file that should be included? I tried to add BP precast nil sets for Astral Conduit and Apogee, and now it ask for that file.

Otherwise it was working fine.
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By Asura.Keja 2015-11-09 14:57:39
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Wow, 2002 lines! Reminds me of the old SMN spellcast that DAKPluto made.

Now I need to find that snippet that tells me what my fenrir buffs will be giving me based off of moon phases.
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By Bahamut.Seekerstar 2015-11-09 14:59:54
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I have that someplace and will edit it in when I'm not on my phone.
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By Siren.Blackroses 2015-11-11 13:06:54
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Hi Verda,

SO far I like most features and such your lua has to offer, but there's something I do not undertand.

I use Mots Lua, and when I solo Acuex, I usually one shot them with Shiva's BP. However, after having entered the very same set for Magical BPs in your Lua. I can never do enough damage to one-shot them. I am not sure where the problem resides...

I have the very same Espiritus for magical BPs, and I am wondering if the problem resides in the treatment of pre/mid casts. I've seen somewhere thaT there was some kind of dirrefent set for apogee gear, and wondering if this would have something to do.

I am not asking you for a full "debug" or so, but if you could give me some trails, I wouyld appreciate because I was looking forward switching to your lua.
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By Siren.Blackroses 2015-11-11 13:34:32
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After testing a bit with the parameters you told me, it seems to equip only 9 out of 15 pieces when I use the BP.

The gearset I have in the lua is the following:
sets.midcast.Pet.MagicalBloodPactRage = {
	    sub="Vox Grip",
        head="Apogee Crown +1",
		neck="Eidolon Pendant +1",
		ear1="Esper Earring",
		ear2="Gelos Earring",
        body="Beck. Doublet +1",
		hands="Apogee Mitts",
		ring1="Evoker's Ring",
		ring2="Speaker's Ring",
        back="Conveyance Cape",
		waist="Caller's Sash",
		legs="Apogee Slacks",
		feet="Apogee Pumps +1"

I can't copy paste the log from debug/showgear.
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By Siren.Blackroses 2015-11-11 13:50:49
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I think you found the culprit, but I am not certain the issue was on my side. The helios set was --commented---, hoever uncommenting it and entering the MB gear I wanted worked.

I understand the gear that is the same as previous set (does not swap) dosnt show in the log either, right?

Edit: I'll test on acuex as soon as I can.
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By Fazzu 2015-11-11 14:07:58
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Very Nice!

I use a ps2 controller to play on my pc or I would be using this. Only time I touch the keyboard is to chat to party/linkshells.
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By Siren.Blackroses 2015-11-11 14:22:16
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Seems to be working A1 now Verda. Ideally I'd like to disable the helios set in the rules, but I can also live with it.
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By Fenrir.Aliten 2015-11-13 11:43:55
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I am noticing that upon summoning an avatar, and using a ward; The first time it doesnt equip precast set, but subsequent uses it does. Only happens on first ward used after summoning. I have only adjusted your precast set to reflect mine so far.
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By Fenrir.Aliten 2015-11-13 12:18:46
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I just used the new LUA. I have ifrit casted and just keep hitting alt +3 for crimson howl over and over.... It's not equipping precast everytime....its random

edit: it's not happening anymore.... probably something on my end :P

Thanks for the awesome HUD
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By Fenrir.Aliten 2015-11-13 12:47:40
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You hit the nail on the head, if i don't hit the alt+3 button two times in a row it doesn't happen.
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By NalfeinX 2015-11-18 14:12:01
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The Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign brought me back to ffxi and I decided to finally really play summoner. I'm new to gearswapper, but this has worked great for me and I've been able to customize the item lists to work for me. Thank you so much Verda!

I have run into two issues however, which seem to be related with the fact that you use a macro keyboard and I don't. Maybe. >_>

On line 87, it reads: .../pet "Assault" <me>
it should read: .../pet "Assault" <t>

I had to comment out line 156. It made it impossible for me to zoom out my camera (with the numberpad) and instead had me auto-targetting anything and trying to assault it.
edit: I forgot to say that this problem only seemed to occur with your latest update.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I love it and it's helped me so much. Now I just have to get started gearing my summoner a bit more seriously. :)
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By Fenrir.Aliten 2015-11-20 13:43:49
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I think one thing to note... Anyone that doesn't have a Mephitas's Ring +1.....

Need to comment out lines 640-644 in the SMN-lib.lua

--if player.max_mp - < 100 then
--if pet.isvalid then idleSet = set_combine(idleSet, {left_ring="Mephitas's Ring +1", right_ring="Evoker's Ring"})
--else idleSet = set_combine(idleSet, {left_ring="Mephitas's Ring +1"})
-- end

If not commented out, and you don't have it. Your idle set will not function properly to swap left_ring.
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By Aranai 2015-12-05 21:10:25
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So the link up top doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have a working link to the file?
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